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5 Things to Look for When Going on a Walk in Your Wheelchair

A Wheelchair Friendly Guide for When You Need Some Fresh Air If people saw me going on my daily stroll through the neighborhood, they’d soon notice I don’t exactly have a clear or straight path.

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Year Four Feels Like Evermore

A gentle reminder that self-care is crucially needed for everyone. Especially since safely functioning as usual has been impossible. Excuse the flowery rhyme of a title, I saw an opportunity and took it. Now that we are four years into a pandemic with no end in sight, it’s been difficult…

Progress Is Still Progress

A gentle reminder for all those who need it At the start of every year, there’s always talk of goals and resolutions. What are you going to strive for? What’s your new year’s resolution? Whatever change or plan someone has decided, it usually starts off strong, but things happen, and…


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