The One Time I Met a Famous Ghost {Maniacal Mondays #5}

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Based on a true story

Make yourself a bowl of popcorn, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, and settle in for a spooky story this Halloween night!

Let me preface this by saying my roommate and I like watching creepy ghost investigation videos. We both enjoy watching supernatural occurrences that can’t always be explained rather than loud jumpscare type things or slasher movies. Eerie suspense is more our style.

So on Halloween we decided to watch the new Ghost Adventures episode. They did a Route 666 special for Halloween and one of the places they decided to investigate was a cemetery. Only one of the members went there to film while the others stayed behind at the haunted hotel. At the cemetery, he says a prayer and a bird suddenly caws right after.

Then as he looks to where the bird flew, he notices three dark figures in the distance. One of the mounted cameras zooms in on these odd figures that are walking across from left to right or as the host narrating puts it, “move in a strange tandem march.” He goes on to say that they don’t seem to be “living people due to the way their outlines appear to undulate in odd wave-like manner” as they move. It was weird because they looked like rolling shadows which made my roommate and I wonder if it was a trick of the light since the street was right there in the background.

Even the ghost investigator is freaked out by it because he keeps seeing these three figures circling all around the property while he’s sitting in the middle of the cemetery that he eventually calls the police. Only, they don’t find anything. Whatever figures he saw moving around are long gone.

My roommate and I are a little spooked by this, then get more scared during the investigation of the Goat Man’s Bridge segment. Anyway, we’re talking about the new episode with our friends because we’re all fans of the show and we tell them about the portion they shot in the cemetery since some of them live in that city. One of my friends makes a comment about how creepy that cemetery gets at night, which causes us to look at them curiously. Because yeah, that makes sense, but why did it feel like they spoke from personal experience?

And then they admit to possibly sneaking in one time during the summer. The show crew was filming during the summertime that same year too. My roommate and I are looking at each other, not believing what we’re hearing. Now hold on a second. We ask if they went alone, but they said they went with two of their friends.

This can’t be real. Now you may be wondering, why would a group of friends sneak into a cemetery in the middle of the night? Maybe for a dare? To do some spooky storytelling? Perhaps a séance? Some good old ghost hunting of their own?

Well, actually yes to that last one. But it’s not the ghosts you’re thinking of.

Try Pokemon, specifically the ghost types, from the mobile game Pokemon Go. A game that was brand new and incredibly popular during that year.

Okay, but surely the cemetery was closed for the night, especially if a show was going to be filming there during that time. Yeah, they just climbed the fence to get inside. Apparently there weren’t any signs or other indications of a private event going on because if swarms of fans showed up to maybe catch a glimpse of their favorite cast members, the environment could be contaminated with outsiders trying to record or sneak in somehow. Like my friend did inadvertently.

At this point, the rest of our friends are staring at us completely lost on why we’re asking about something so random and why we’re so shocked by it. We proceed to then let them watch the episode and it gets to the part about the cemetery. And oh boy, were our assumptions confirmed.

The three odd figures in that clip, was my friend with their friends from home! But then why did the host assume they weren’t human? Why were they walking so weirdly? Because they were looking down at their phones in the dark, hence why their outlines kept undulating like shadowy waves.

And yet the police couldn’t find anything? My friend didn’t see the police, so they must’ve had already left before they even showed up. Depending on how long it took for the ghost hunter to call and then for the cops to arrive, it sounds about right. Especially since it was apparently more than enough time considering my friend was able to continue searching for digital monsters undisturbed and then get out none the wiser.

We laughed so much that night our stomachs were hurting as we hysterically cried with giddiness at the situation. It’s a running joke to call our friend, Ghost #2, since that’s where they walked in line. They were too scared to be in the front or back, which fair enough because same.

And that’s how I met a famous “ghost.” I mean, they’re certainly famous in my heart and they were on tv.

But if you have any personal spooky stories that you’d like to share I’d love to read them! Feel free to comment down below.

It’s been exactly six years and I still can’t stop myself from laughing every time I remember that episode. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good night tonight, regardless if you celebrate any festivities or not. ~So Says The Disabled Dryad~

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