I Don’t Want to Be a Part of “Normal”

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Being complacent isn’t the option in this reality.

Over the weekend, I was able to get the latest booster shot. The bivalent one is meant to target both the original corona strain and the latest omicron subvariants. Huffington Post has an article discussing potential side effects as this shot is most similar to that of the earlier ones. If you’d like to read more about the listed symptoms, I have the link inserted here.

My symptoms mostly consisted of low-grade fever and chills with fatigue and minor body aches. Essentially the same reaction I had to my first shot. But, as I hunkered down and stayed resting, I found out that things just went to hell.

According to the president who was recently on “60 minutes,” the pandemic is over now! We still have a COVID problem, but the pandemic is over. Everyone can go back to normal; it’s done. Really? With thousands of people still dying? And with others becoming disabled as a result of developing Long COVID?

Absolutely not. We’re not doing this. We can’t return to normal, not when it still puts people at risk. Using the excuses of masking and getting vaccines is pointless when people still aren’t doing either. Yes, we’ve made progress in finding ways to stay protected, but not everyone is doing their part. It’s a team effort and we’re failing miserably.

People lament about going back to before, to pre-COVID times, yet even if it were to be possible in the near future it wouldn’t. Not when we have to actually stop the virus from spreading! The point of stopping the spread is to prevent the virus from mutating and becoming more dangerous.

The pandemic isn’t over.

It sucks, it really does. This is our new reality, but we have to at least acknowledge it.

And I understand. We miss socializing to an extent, we want to go out amongst other things and carry on. I get it. But we need to do better.

Yesterday, there was a protest outside of the White House where people went out to tell the president that millions are still being disabled as a result of this virus. It’s already finished, but I wanted to share this post which I really appreciated. #MeActionNetwork, the protest organizer, included an Activism From Home Toolkit that included different levels of action people could do based on spoons. Spoons refers to tasks that require varying levels of energy, or spoons. By including this set of tiers on their post, it made it easier and more accessible for others to get involved which is awesome.

Just because the protest concluded today, doesn’t mean it’s completely over. There’s more to come. Even if you can’t participate, at least listen to what we have to say. Like I said, the pandemic isn’t over.  

Disabled people have plenty more to discuss. And we’re not going to shut up. ~So Says The Disabled Dryad~

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