In Case of a Fire, Follow Directions from the Appropriate Authorities {Maniacal Monday #1}

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So that’s an interesting title though it’s most certainly the overall lesson of this story. It sounds obvious, right? When there’s a fire, get out and don’t go back in until it’s safe to do so. Yeah, my high school decided to play it on hard mode that day.

Now this was back in my sophomore year I believe. It was a normal day in choir class, minutes before we were supposed to leave for lunch. Well, while we were practicing the fire alarm suddenly goes off. Not only is our classroom right next to an exit, we also had one in the room itself so escape was easy. Boom, we’re outside. Sweet!

We wait for a bit and after some time classes start going back inside. Apparently, the administration staff told everyone it was safe to return into the building. But the fire alarms were still going off? People were saying it was probably due to excess smoke. Fire alarms are incredibly sensitive, for obvious reasons, so they do sometimes take awhile to stop. That’s happened in the past before so okay, makes sense.

After gathering our things and getting ready to just go to lunch, we’re stopped in the hall by one of the firemen who is telling us to go back out because the fire is still being contained. Okay, back out we go!

More waiting outside, then we’re told to go back in by the staff. So we do and oh look the firemen are still there ordering us to get out! And we’re making that U-turn right out the door.  

Even more waiting, which is fine because at this point I have my headphones in to help muffle the loud alarms that are piercing my ears while I’m sort of keeping my anxiety under control. Again, we see classes going back in for the third time while my choir director is just like what’s going on, the fire department says to stay outside. The other teachers just kind of shrug their shoulders and keep going in because admin is on the walkie-talkies ordering everyone inside, which makes total sense. Not really!

My choir director made us stay outside because he wasn’t putting us at possible risk, especially when the fire department is technically in charge of this situation. I completely agree!

Oh, but it gets better, well, actually worse in this case according to one of my helpers that was all the way across campus dealing with the same problem. Except they were in one of the smaller hallways sandwiched with all the other students because they were being forced in different directions until everyone inevitably got stuck. Literally it was in, out, in, out, in, out, wait where are we going, hey you’re in the way, oh crap we can’t move!  Because everyone was being yelled at by both the staff and fire department, they eventually got squished in together like sardines.

I’m just glad I was on the ground floor because oh boy it would’ve been interesting had I been upstairs. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to use the elevator during that and being dragged up and down the stairs would’ve seriously sucked!

I don’t remember how long it took in the end but finally, the problem was resolved, and we could safely go about our day. Regardless, it just showed that clearly this school wasn’t prepared for certain situations if they’re just going to force students back inside a building still spewing smoke or whatever was going on.

Most plausible rumor is that someone was smoking in the bathroom and didn’t properly put out the cigarette because a teacher almost caught them. One of my teacher’s had a classroom near the bathroom and they said you could just see a trail of smoke wafting by in the hallway.

It was such a disorganized, chaotic situation that my helpers and I couldn’t believe it while we were sharing our experiences during my bathroom break later that day. Yes, this was technically our little hang out session because they got a break from other students while I had mine.

To be honest, it was more surprising this didn’t happen during one of my bathroom breaks because 8/10 times it usually did. Seriously the number of times that something wild has happened while I’ve been in the restroom is just stupid! But it does make for good content and story time.

So what did you think? If this was entertaining to you, feel free to like this post! Even better, comment down below with some of your own wild experiences from school that you almost can’t believe yourself!

I can assure you that this isn’t the end. I definitely plan on sharing more unbelievable stories because if nothing else, they’re just funny to me. Also, Happy Birthday to BTS and Congratulations on your 9th Anniversary! ~So Says The Disabled Dryad~

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